Sunday, March 11, 2012

Infinity Scarf- Knit Edition

I knit this scarf a few months ago. Ya know...back when it was cold. Then I left it at a friends house, she wore it for two weeks, sent it back, then I wore it for a long time and today I realized I had forgotten to document it here. It's a circle/tube. It took me 4 times to start it correctly, but once I did it was quite simple. I only made one mistake, and since the scarf has no begging or ending I can just hide the mistake behind my hair.

Whenever I knit I tell myself I should do it more often. It's so repetitive and meditative. It's also a lot more portable than sewing projects. And Charlie absolutely loves it when I knit in the car. 

He also loves when I make him take my picture. 


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