Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Dress

In case you fell of the planet recently I'll fill you in on what you missed. Rae, of Made By Rae,  released her Washi Dress pattern last week! Waahoo! Once we returned from vacation I purchased the pattern online, printed the pieces and got to work. I bought very expensive fabric (with a gift certificate) to make a Washi dress, but was nervous about cutting into it before trying the pattern first. Enter "Teacher Appreciation Day" at Joann's and 30% off of Denyse Schmidt fabrics. 

I love it. I planned on making the tunic so I only bought 2 yards for $12. After realizing I could be sneaky and make a dress with only 2 yards I went for it. 

There were only 5 pattern pieces and it was super easy to follow the directions.  One key is to make a muslin, which is great so you don't cut into expensive fabric and then realizing you're a different size than you thought.  Wouldn't that stink. It's also good to practice the darts. 

The dress even has pockets. I think on my next one I will make the pockets a bit lower down. I guess I have long arms.

The neckline is the key reason I liked this pattern. It was quite easy to make. Next time I make one I am going to do the neckline with a full lining not just a half one. The only thing I don't love is that you can see the underlining seams even thought I hand stitched them. 

 I always have had a fear of smocking, but it was so easy I think I'll be smocking everything. The key is to use good elastic thread not the cheap stuff.

All and all I love this pattern and am excited to finish the other one I've been working on.


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  1. Make me one for my birthday next year? Or send me that one when youre tired of it? Love the dress and you look so pretty!


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