Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Fail: Wallet Edition

I'd hate for you all to think I am a perfect sewasaurus. (My Dad doesn't like when I say "sewer" because it makes him think of a place where dirty water goes, so I've decided to now say "sewasaurus") Anyways, I do make mistakes and sometimes a project turns out terribly. Case in point this awful little wallet.

I wanted one to match my Vacation Purse and I saw THIS tutorial on Pinterest so I whipped it up one night. The tutorial seems alright, but my measuring and fabric choices were all just poor. As I've mentioned I'm afraid to iron this fabric so I didn't and now the wallet has a huge line down it.

My measuring and seam allowances were off too. First you put the credit cards in it looked good, like this:

But then then you close it up and open it again all the credit cards fly everywhere. Building good credit will be hard when I drop my credit cards everywhere. Did you like how I blurred the number on my Old Navy card? That puppy has a $250 limit, wouldn't want anyone running up a bill on me.

The one time I did iron the wallet the fabric kind of melted and warped. Major bummer.

All and all this turned out to be a huge flop. I hope you don't think less of me and my skills, or let me fall from the sewing pedestal you've put me on top of. Har har.


P.S. Like my photo editing? I used, not as cool as Picnik, but it'll do.

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