Sunday, August 26, 2012

School Purse

This summer I toted around my "Vacation Purse" stuffed to the gills with junk. I was getting tired of carrying it around, and knew I needed something smaller to carry to work. I saved the pattern pieces from the "Fall Purse" I had made, when else, but last fall. I even used the same fabric for the outside. It was pretty easy to make after having made essentially the same thing less than a year ago.


My other purse got gum on it at the last day of school assembly and had to retire it. It worked out alright because it was getting kind of tired and pilling anyways. One change I made was to shorten the length of the strap. I liked the idea of an adjustable strap on the first one but I never actually used it and the two belt loops I used to make it adjustable always came apart. I love the inside fabric. 

It was purchased at the Portsmouth Fabric Company several months ago. Yesterday my brother in law said he knew the purse was my creation because of the inside fabric. I like that the outside is basic and plain but the inside has some pizzazz. 

As with the original purse I added a cell phone pocket, and a front pouch for my check book and (essential) wet wipes. All of the things I absolutely need fit perfectly; cell phone, wallet, keys and of course my camera which I keep safely nestled in a soap container.

I did make one terrible error. Well, one error that turned into many. As with the Vacation Purse, and the Huge Fail Wallet, I used the fake suede material which melts when it comes close to heat. Due to this I didn't iron it at all. Luckily it doesn't have any huge creases down the middle, but I was too scared to correctly iron the zipper I added in the back. Now the fabric shows, which I don't mind, but it's also coming apart so I've been hand stitching it in sections where it's come undone. I was also so worried about melting the fabric that I didn't notice how crooked the zipper was. The positive side to this error is that the back side rest nicely on my hip and no one ever has to see it. Also, the zipper still works and the pocket holds my flash drive, chap stick, and some extra hair elastics.

The purse is done just in time for vacation to be over (wah!) and school to start tomorrow.

Off to get a good nights rest!



  1. Nice purse.Don't bother about the mistake.Nobody can see it!You can make another one and surely it would be 99%perfect!

  2. Marcia@brother electric sewing machineSeptember 17, 2012 at 5:56 AM

    Hi there Lauren. You did a good job eventhough you made a mistake. I know you'll do better next time. :D Have you tried using brother electric sewing machine?


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