Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Around Here...

The seeds I've planted are growing! I still can't believe I am capable of making assisting things in growing. We put in two garden beds, one still needs to be filled with soil. Hoping to get some things planted this next weekend.

The view is shrinking. But I don't mind.

Charlie was gone most of the weekend, but as soon as he got back on Sunday he got right to work.

A hummingbird has been spotted drinking from my new/vintage feeder. I only hung the feeder out for one day and a hummingbird already came! How crazy.

Flowers have been planted to jazz up the deck. An idea for a table is brewing in my head, so we can eat dinner outside this summer.

Bulbs I forgot I planted are also growing. I certainly won't forget the 70 gladiolus I planted this weekend. Not with my sore shoulders from digging 6 inch holes and finding huge rocks or long thick roots every 2 inches. Come to find out gladiolus are supposed to be dug up in the fall if you live as far North as we do. Ahem....I think not. That will teach me to accidentally buy bulbs in February without reading the back, or number of bulbs in the bag!

Hope you are enjoying the spring weather.


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  1. That hummingbird feeder looks so cool. The planting blubs thing... totally something I would do - though I am trying to be a better gardener and actually do my "homework" before planting something and hoping for the best. We'll see how it goes. :)


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