Friday, September 19, 2014

Best $4.40 I Ever Spent

When my computer broke in what I refer to as; "the bathroom sink tragedy of 2012", I sent the broken hunk a junk back to Apple to recycle it, since I am Earthy like that. Then they sent me a gift card for $45 for recycling my old computer. Yahoo! Said gift card sat in my wallet for over two years (I don't get out much.)

A few weeks ago we were driving South to visit friends and were driving past the mall that I knew had an Apple store. I asked Charlie if we could stop and he miraculously said yes. We walked around the store for approximately 2 minutes before I decided I needed an ipod shuffle. Actually, it was the only thing in the store that was close to my gift card amount, and an ipod was pretty much the only Apple product I didn't have, aside from a desktop computer. Have I mentioned I like Apple? Since there are 100 people working at the Apple store on a Saturday, and one color option was purple (obvious choice) we were in and out in no time; which Charlie was very pleased about.

Upon returning home I loaded up the ipod with tunes. I never intended to be a person who runs with an ipod. When people asked me why I didn't listen to music when I ran I would just say; "I like listening to nature" or "my ears are too small for headphones"; which is 99% true. Now that I have listened to music while running I can tell you that I 100% run faster with music.

The only down side is that I like to have to dance while listening to music. Now my runs are half running, half dancing, and half playing air instruments (did you know 5 out of 4 people are bad at fractions?) I have a very diverse repertoire of air instruments and thought I'd share them with you for your viewing pleasure.
1. My personal favorite; air sax. 2. Air Piano. 3. Air Drums. 4. Air Jazz Flute 5. Air Washboard (I listen to a lot of Zydeco music apparently) 6. Air Accordion. * Not pictured; Air Violin, I can't do that move anymore since I pulled a muscle doing it.

In case you were wondering about my running I am going to run a race this Sunday. The same one I have done for the last two years. My brother-in-law and his wife are running it as well so it should be super fun. I hope my running enemy is not there. I also seem to have my shiz together in terms of not getting terrible blisters on my feet, not chaffing, and managing my hydration/ food intake so that'll be nice for a change. I realize I just jinxed myself, but I had to say it since it's taken me 6 years to figure those things out.

Do you have any songs I should add to my playlist to make me run like the wind on Sunday?



  1. I'm assuming the 4.40 was the difference you had to pay from the gift card? Or maybe it was those cool running tights ;) love you laur

  2. I'm obsessed with "All about the bass" by Megan Trainor. I think it would be a good song to run too. But I dont k ow if the music is your style.

  3. Ahh dangit I just saw this. I'll get you my running list soon!


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