Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Bucket List: What Actually Happened

I figured since school started today and summer is unofficially over for me I'd see what on my wish list got done. 
  1. Pick strawberries.- Yes! Thank you Liz. 
  2. Hike to the top of the logging road 4 times. - Only twice. Once for sunrise. 
  3. Swim, swim, swim. - Yes! And should I add, I did not get swimmers ear once due to my obsessive use of rubbing alcohol post swimming adventures. 
  4. Wear sunscreen everyday and not get sunburned once. - Almost! I got a bit of a sunburn on one tiny speck of skin that I missed. 
  5. Go to concerts. - Totally! Four of em. And another next week. 
  6. Hike a 4,000 footer and not cry. - No. Didn't even try. 
  7. Host a Summer party. - Yes! It was so fun. 16 people spent the night, including three hilarious children. 
  8. Finally figure out what poison ivy looks like and not touch it. - Kind of, I think I have a good idea, and I did not get it once. 
  9. Eat fresh veggies from the garden. - Ha! I've eaten about 4 peas, and five tomatoes from the "garden". 
  10. Hold a baby. (I'm looking at you Liz!) - Yes! I need more baby snuggling, now I am looking at you Jaclyn! 
  11. Go to a yard sale. - Yes! I went to one early in the summer that was a bust. Don't you feel super weird when you go to a yard sale and look around and you're the only person there and everything is crap so you try to stay longer to make the people not feel bad that you assessed all of their for sale items as junk within seconds of seeing it. The second one I went to was much better. I got a kerosene lamp (thanks Dad) and a wooden elephant statue. 
  12. Write my Mum one snail mail letter a week. - Almost. Some post cards. 
  13. Float the Saco with Sammy and Keith. - Yes! Is it bad that I had more fun blowing up the floats in the driveway and laughing from oxygen depletion than floating the river though?
  14. Sew a pair of shorts.- Yep! Two actually. 
  15. Have fresh flowers in the house. - Yes! I was hoping there would be more flowers from my garden, but alas most were from the farm stand. Still pretty. 
  16. Eat dinner on the deck. - Totally rocked this one. Comfy chairs, good weather,a beautiful view, a nice table, and wonderful company made eating outside so delightful. 
  17. Read five books. - Still working on it. I've read 3 totally through. Reading 3 at the moment. Oy. I started several books but couldn't get into them. 
  18. Make popsicles. - Yes, but they tasted like crap because there was no sugar added to them.
  19. Go to concerts. - Jaimie said I was so excited about my concert going that I added it twice. 5 concerts guys! 
  20. Learn to use the grill. - Um, no. That would just have lead to us going out to eat I am sure. 
  21. String lights over the deck for summer ambiance. - No. It doesn't get dark until 9! I am in bed then. No need for lights. 
  22. Tackle the list of home projects we have on the fridge. - Yes! The list accidentally got thrown away but I think we tackled everything. 
  23. Spend a few days "tech free." -Eh. Kind of. Like 3/4 of a day. 
  24. Make fruity drinks. - Yep! 
  25. Play frisbee golf. - Watched people play frisbee golf. I need to remember that I hate playing yard games. 
  26. See "The Fault In Our Stars". - Yes! Again thank you Liz. I wouldn't have done half of this stuff without your help! At one point I think all 6 people in the theater were crying except the 4 week old baby we brought! 
  27. Make friendship bracelets. - Yes! For myself, and I love them! Something tells me making your own friendship bracelets is really un-cool. 
  28. Have fires in the fire pit. - One! 
  29. Go to five NH State Parks. -None! I did go to two National Parks though. 
  30.  Visit farmer's market.- Yes! But only twice. 

I think the biggest thing I learned in looking over this list is that it's hard to do fun things around your house when you are not really home very much. We were gone almost every weekend, and for a few week long stretches over vacation. I am looking forward to spending some time relaxing at our house instead of coming home with lots to get done before we rush off to the next event. I am really going to also try to enjoy fall instead of hating it, which is what I've been doing for the last 25 years. 

Anything you wished you'd done this summer but didn't get to?


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  1. You were much more successful with your bucket list than I was!

    Hopefully Baby will be here soon for you to hold!

    And YES TOTALLY agree with the crappy yard-sale pretend-to-like-the-stuff act!!


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