Tuesday, August 19, 2014

City Gym Shorts

Summer is fast coming to an end, and one of my bucket list items was to sew a pair of shorts for myself. No better time than the present right?! The pattern for these City Gym Shorts was free, and I had the perfect voile-ish fabric that I bought ages ago. I also had enough of it that if I messed up the first time I could try again.

I did not however have enough double fold bias tape, only single fold bias tape. It worked out alright though, the tape is just thinner than the other ones I've seen. I could have made my own bias tape but that just sounds terrible, so I didn't.

They were super easy to make and took me only two episodes of the trashy TV show I've been binge watching lately.

The shorts are a little baggy in the front, and a little tight in the butt. I am also not sure if I feel comfortable wearing them out in public a whole lot or if I'll just wear them around the house and as P.J. bottoms. I did wear them to Rite Aid this evening, but I can't tell if I was embarrassed to be seen because of the shorts or because I was unfortunately wearing a plaid shirt with the shorts. In my defense I didn't think I would be leaving the comfort of the car on our quick errand to get S'mores fixings.

My only other complain is now that I look at pictures I realize the birds are upside down on the fabric. I really need to learn to take the print into consideration when cutting out patterns.

Off to tackle more items on my bucket list.



  1. Lauren! These are amazing! In the future, I would totally be ok if you wanted to make me a pair and send them along. I am knitting lots of things now and could reciprocate with a treat for you as well :) The pattern is super cute, the fabric is fantastic! Great find!

  2. Two questions.

    1. Would you wear these to cross-fit, because they look like perfect gym shorts?

    2. Why are you embarrassed of going to the drug store? As far as I am concerned if you won't show up on the People at Walmart blog you are in the clear.


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