Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby Doll Basket

Sewing stuff for babies is fun, but oh man sewing for little kids is so much more fun. My best friends
"baby" turned one recently, so I made her a little Baby Doll Basket.  I knew she was going to get an Bitty Doll for her birthday so when Dana published this pattern last Fall I knew I wanted to make this for her. It even comes in a size just for Bitty Baby.

The pattern was super easy to make and came together quickly (only 2 hours of Friends episodes). The part that took the longest was cutting out all of the pieces, which took the length of watching Pocahontas (with breaks to sing).      

I used two flannels, and a stiff interfacing but it's still soft and cuddly.

It was a fun project to make. We just visited with the "baby" and gave it to her. She's just starting to walk so carrying a baby around is a bit tricky but I think she'll like it and use it soon.



  1. That turned out super cute. and you had me smiling with the "with breaks to sing" comment. We listened to that sound track on repeat during family car trips when I was growing up.

  2. "Baby" has since learned to walk with the carrier dangling from one arm. She looks like the queen. Also all sorts of prized possessions make their way in there, perhaps they're toys for her bitty baby to play with :)


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