Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Top #5

I feel like I am sewing a ton of stuff I had planned to finish this summer in hopes of wearing them before it gets too cold. I'm pretty sure I missed the boat on my Date Night Dress. This summer tanktop was finished in the nick of time. 

This makes the fifth top I've made using this pattern. So many that I don't even look at the directions anymore. I've had the fabric since when chevrons were first cool. I always joke that I have to wait for a trend to die before I pick it up. The chevrons feel no different. My Dad also jokes that New Hampshire is where trends go to die, so that saying works too. 

 I wore it on Friday, paired with the obvious choice, a cardigan. Wearing tank tops with a cardigan makes them much more wearable for New England. The next top I have planned is a version like this one by Rae



  1. Cute! Thanks for all of the updated reading to greet me upon our arrival home :)


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