Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Purse V 3.0

I've made different versions of this exact purse for three summers now, and have made five total purses from this pattern. Due to that, I'll keep this post picture short and word shorter.

Found the fabrics at Joann's and they worked well. Wanted to go with piping (as usual) but couldn't find the right color so I went with ric rac instead, which was probably a good thing.
Pink snap closure was obviously a must. I love the aqua blue/green chevrons with the pink thread. Wanted to add some cardboard to the bottom to stiffen it up, but I forgot. Maybe next summer. Also, I did not have enough of one fabric to do the lining so the lining is both fabrics. I made the bottom tote-bag-ish, but should have made it shorter in width and longer in length to be more like the one I made for Lorelei for Christmas. Oh well.

Now that it's done I think it gives off an "Old Grandma from Florida going to bingo" vibe. I still like it though. Mostly because I practically am an old grandma, minus being old and a grandma. I always tell Charlie I can't wait to be old so I can have long grey hair in a bun and friends with the same hobbies as me. Whenever I have a bad day at work and swear I'l never have kids I remind myself that you need to have kids to have grandkids. Sorry, I said I would keep this short. Anyways, since I was going all Grandma to begin with I made a little bag for my cataract glasses to go in.

Just kidding! It's for my SPF 45 sunscreen that I carry at all times.

That's all. Can't wait to tote these totes to the beach filled with books and other beach essentials.


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