Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Purse

Are you tired of hearing about my Christmas sewing? Here's the last post. I made this purse for my friend Lorelei. She likes when I send her my old purses, so I figured I'd be nice and make her one specially. I've improved a great deal in my skillz since I last sewed her a purse. Side note: not only have my sewing skills improved, so have my blogging skills apparently. What was with the spacing? Also, I still have the headband and the shirt I'm wearing in those pictures. You probably didn't click the link until now to see the shirt did you? I knew it. 

It's a modified version of this pattern. I made it square, not rounded, and the bottom is flat like a tote bag so it stands up on it's own. The fabric is fake suede again. I bought tons of it. I like the way the purses turn out, but get nervous I am going to burn it into my expensive iron. I'll be glad when my stock pile of this type of fabric is used up.

Since Lorelei is super cool she has an iPhone so I made her a pocket that hopefully fits an iPhone, I even looked up the measurements.

These are my new tags. I like them. Same font as before but on a fatter tag. Sorry for the blur. I'm still getting used to the different lens for my camera.

Okay, that's all for Christmas handmades. I promise.


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