Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Embroidered Pouches

Merry Christmas peeps! I went into an embroidery kick this holiday season. Here are the two things I embroidered. 

The first is a camera accessories pouch for my brothers girlfriend Jaimie. I bought her some cleaning tools and a few lens leashes (a must have if you ask me) to go inside. I had fun embroidering the camera on the front. Jaimie likes bold colors so it was nice to use colors I wouldn't normally use (orange, neon green).


I wrote "snap" "flash" "click" in cursive thread on it too. I really liked it, and kind of didn't want to give it away. 

Next up was my sister in law. I couldn't think of what to make her, but I kept thinking about pickles. She likes pickles, she even eats them when she runs instead of "eating" Gu. I decided to make her a pickle pouch. Inside are a bunch of things you would need if you were "in a pickle". Doogy poop bags, tylenol, chapstick, toothpicks, a few hair elastics, etc. 

After I sewed "In a pickle?" I felt like the In and a were too close so whenever I look at it I think it says "Ina pickle?" What do you think?

More soon on the Christmas front.


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