Friday, December 14, 2012

Meteor Shower

Charlie, science nerd, knew there would be a meteor shower last night. He's very into outer space stuff. Remember? We drove to Hebron to a big piece of property that was going to be made into a development, but never got any father than clearing the land and building driveways. Perfect spot for viewing stars and meteor showers. I also brought my camera and a tripod.  After many attempts, a few of which I know meteors went through the area the camera was focused on, I realized that the shutter speed was too slow to catch the streaks of light. Oh well, I got some great shots of the stars. Enjoy!

Newfound Lake and Bridgewater where the lights are.

And us, bundled up. In case you're wondering faux fur hoods are great for keeping warm, but obstruct your peripheral vision when viewing meteor showers.

Have a good day!


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