Sunday, June 30, 2013

Apps I Like

Since I am so revoluationary and have had an iphone for about five months (sarcasm) I thought I would write about my favorite apps for you to know about.
  1. Instagram: This app allows me to follow my friends and see what they are doing, and also to follow famous people. It also allows me to post pictures of what I am doing. Charlie calls instragam "an app where you make pictures look worse." I happen to like some of the filters and really enjoy this app. My user name there is sewdoggonecute. 
  1. Vine: I had heard about this app a while ago but it didn't seem interesting, then a friend showed it to me and I was hooked. I follow some friends, family members, and some artsy popular people. Most of my videos are not artsy at all and are primarily of my dogs. If you like that my user name is Lauren QT. 
  2. Mailbox: this app has revolutionized my entire life. Not really, but it's cool. Both of my e-mail addresses are connected to this app so I only have to check one place. I also can easily store e-mails in different categories. It forces me to respond to e-mails since it always tells you how many e-mails you have in your inbox. I like to have zero, so I respond and archive or delete e-mails. ( I said e-mail 5 times just now). 
  3. Beautiful Mess: This app can be used to edit photos, adding text, borders and phrases. It's pretty cool. I mostly use it to make pictures of Blaze and Penny look like they are talking. (In case you weren't aware I am obsessed with these two dogs.)
  1. Timer Cam Pro: This app lets me set the iphone down somewhere and then it will take my picture in 10 seconds. Like on a real camera, but on the iphone. It eliminates the arm stretched out photo. 
  2. Pandora: obviously, I like to listen to music. My brother even got me found me a cord so I can play the music in my car!
  3. NHPR: so I can listen to "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" anytime I want. 
  4. Heads Up: this is a game. All of the kids I work with love it. It's really fun.
  5. Snapchat: You can send a picture to a friend and it only last for 5 seconds (or however many seconds you set it for). My friend told me this is strictly for sending naked pictures of yourself, since the receiver cannot save the picture, but I don't do that. Again, I mostly send pictures to my friends of Blaze and Penny. 
  6. Swackett: Even though I am mad because I thought of this idea 8 years ago but never did anything about it I still like this app. It tells you the temperature where you are and what to wear. I always struggle with changing seasons because when it has been 28 degrees all winter I forget what it feels like when it's 55 degrees so I like for an app to tell me. It also tells you what not to forget that day (umbrella, sunscreen, etc.) 
Apps I think are dumb:
  1. Candy Crush: I spent three months beating that game, without paying for extra lives or begging my friends for extra lives on facebook. Then when I finally beat level 35 it said I had to pay extra to continue playing anyways! I instantly deleted the app and have been bad mouthing it ever since. Don't waste your time people! 
What's your favorite app? Happy last day of June. Can you believe it's already almost July? 


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