Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Today starts my summer vacation! Hurray. It's okay to be jealous of me. I purposely picked this career path based on 1. my love of working with children and 2. my love of summer vacation. Now that summer is finally here I have made a bucket list of things I'd love to do on my 63 days off. Here goes: 
  1. See fireworks.
  2. Go to a wedding (or 2).
  3. Swim in a waterfall.
  4. Run in 6 different places.
  5. Eat donuts. Maybe even run to eat donuts.
  6. Get ice cream by the lake.
  7. Wear dresses and fancy shoes.
  8. Go on a fancy date.
  9. Have sleepovers in the basement when it's too hot.
  10. Play cribbage so much that I don't have to count on my fingers.
  11. Explore the woods, every inch of it, on our property.
  12. Catch fireflies.
  13. Make Watch things grow.
  14. Hike a 4,000 foot mountain.
  15. Make a new friend.
  16. Paint a picture.
  17. Read a book in one day.
  18. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean.
  19. Take the perfect family picture of all four of us. 
  20. Enjoy every one of my 63 days off.
What's on your summer bucket list? I have a summer scrapbook that I bought and am planning to document these goals in it. We'll see how that goes.



  1. I don't know Lauren, this list may be a bit short for might get this done in a week :)

  2. Great list! Happy vaca! I still have a week to work on mine.


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