Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

Today is National Running Day! Hurray. It's also *Penny's Birthday, and my friend Lorelei's Birthday. What better way to celebrate than by wearing some new running shorts and hitting the trails with my two whippersnappers. 

Hopefully I can facetime with Lorelei later. If not, Happy Birthday my friend! I'm so glad that the 5 months of the year that we're different ages is over, and so excited to see what 27 holds for you!

Happy National Running Day!

*We didn't actually know when Penny's birthday was so we just made it up and decided Lorelei could share a birthday with Penny. That way I never forget either of their birthdays. I think we'll make up a birthday for Blaze too. Perhaps July 12th; my brother's birthday.*

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