Monday, June 3, 2013

Scrapbook Progress

I've been trying to do a better job, as previously mentioned, of scrapbooking more of our daily lives and  working on albums more in the moment as opposed to 2 years from the event. The book I'm working on is a random size that seems to be working well thus far. I have been punching holes into the pages I make and keeping everything together using rings.

I actually made these pages a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to blog about them. There are more pages, these are just the ones about our trip to NYC at the beginning of May.

The first page is the envelope that our invitation came in. On the back are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. I experimented with to print out these pictures at about 2 inches square.

The next pages are in a clear page protector. Don't tell my Mom but I sewed through the plastic with my machine to keep the business cards in the right spot. This allowed me to write on the back of the cards. 

My favorite thing is that the top part of the Purl SOHO business card stick out at the top of the whole book and says "Create Your World." 
The next pages are the invitation to the wedding and four pictures from the wedding that I really liked. 

Not may fancy techniques used. It's been hard to cut down the amount of pictures I can use due to the size of the book. I have to pick my absolute favorites, which is good.  

I still want to do more of our everyday life. The starting is the hardest part, once I get going it's very easy and fun.

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