Friday, June 28, 2013


Hi Peeps! We are back from our Maine vacation. I (purposely) forgot my computer at home and took a break from blogging. I apologize if you were anxious about my whereabouts and doing-abouts. Here's a catch up. Recently I have:
  • Hosted a party, cut down two trees, at said party, and laughed a lot. 
  • Driven around the great state of Maine.
  • Gone to a party, played corn hole, and lost terribly, went down a homemade slip and slide, got really muddy, and hurt my arm. Laughed so hard I couldn't tell the next morning if my abs hurt from laughing or if I had internal bleeding. 
  • Been to Alewives Fabric, and still have money in my bank account. Miraculous! 
  • Almost ran out of fuel in my mom's new diesel car. Bought an ice cream as a reward for not running out of fuel, and nearly gaged as I bit into it and a pungent cow poop smell wafted into my nostrils at the exact same time. 
  • Saw a mailbox outside of a cemetery. Laughed a bit too much about that sight. So much so that I don't have a picture. 
  • Held a brand new baby. 
  • Played cribbage three times. Lost to Charlie three times. Still haven't hit him over the head with the cribbage board. I consider that a win. 
  • Hung out with some very good friends. Realized how much I miss those very good friends. Was glad we are still able to fall back into being together like we'd just seen each other yesterday. Laughed some more
  • Went swimming with my 10 year old, soon to be 11 year old, cousin. 
  • Went for a boat ride in the rain.
  • Hung out with the puppies.
  • Dog faced myself. I am not sure that's a real thing, but it should be. (see last picture.)

Summer is off to a good start. The weather has not been fabulous but I suppose I can't complain.

I'll be back soon with some sewing projects!


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