Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

Happy Valentine's Day Reader(s)! I typically don't really like V-Day. *Inset heard before jargon about consumer holidays and broadcasting your love on only one day a year , or read THIS article. * One thing I do like about Valentine's Day is doing crafts and making cards. I made picture frames with a bunch of the kids I work with at school with their adorable pictures inside. That was fun but boy was there a lot of glue on the table. For some reason kids on my caseload don't understand the concept of "a little bit of glue." After getting some practice using Picnik to make Charlie's Christmas present I decided to try to make a Valentine's Day card. It proved to be more difficult than I had thought. Who would have though making a realistic yet cute owl out of geometric shapes would be so hard? Here are my results: 

The colors look different but they were the same when I created them, it's due to the depleting ink status of the printer I used.  The goes against the flow of "cool" kid inside of me is secretly upset that I jumped on the "owls are cool" train, but oh well, they're so dang cute! And the SLP inside of me hated writing "Owl" instead of "I'll", but the cutesy crafter in me won over...this round at least. As you can see I won't be quitting my day job to become a graphic designer. I sent them to my friends and family members, one friend said my card was "a Hoot", har har, she's just as funny as me. Here are close ups of the cards as well as the "owl" (I use that noun lightly when referring to my cards). The links to download them are below each one, free of charge even, imagine that! If the links don't work let me know and owl try my best to fix it *laughs hysterically while slapping knee/patting self on back for being so comically genius.* 

The "Owl Love You Forever" card can be downloaded HERE. 

The "Owl Be Your Friend Forever" card can be downloaded HERE.

Just the "owl" can be found HERE.

I did have fun making these cards, after I got over the I want to throw my computer into a wall phase, and am sad to find that Picnik is closing, insert sad face here.

I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day with someone special to you!


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