Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo A Day: Day 21

A Favorite Photo Of You:

Obviously I picked a wedding photo. It was hard to pick, our photographer was excellent, plus it doesn't hurt that Charlie and I are so stinkin' good looking. Har har. I spent months looking at wedding blogs and wedding pictures; I had a whole list of pictures I wanted to take, angles etc. I did this mostly because the magazines, blogs, websites told me I should. After Sammy, the photographer, took our engagement pictures I threw out my list because it was more fun to do what she wanted us to do than to spend lots of time trying to copy images I had seen online and thought that I needed to have replicas of. This photo is a perfect example of what will happen when you throw out your list and go with the flow. After our first dance and dinner Sammy, Charlie and I walked around my Mum's house, where the wedding was held, and she took pictures of us in different places at different angles with varying "poses."I just did what she said to do. My only request (at least as I remember, Charlie or Sammy might have other memories) was to do something in the upstairs of the barn, since I love it so much. Charlie and I climbed to the upstairs swung open the door and Sammy said "lean over and kiss each other." So we did. And I love the results.


P.S. Sadly, Sammy is not taking wedding photos at the moment. She's saving the world one seal at a time.

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  1. haha I could totally see myself... errr, (well already preparing for the day in the unknown future) making lists of pictures I want (thanks to Pinterest!). I guess the important thing is: have a great photographer and you'll get your own great shots!

    This is a wonderful picture -- means a lot to you and that's what matters :)


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