Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photo A Day: Day 16

Something New:

I'm going on vacation soon and needed to stock up on reading materials, to read on the plane and on the beach. Two friends have recommended "The Forgotten Garden", I borrowed it from the library and read the first 60 pages in a day or two and loved it. I don't like taking library books on vacation so I decided to buy it. I don't really ever buy books, but if the next 200+ pages are as good as the first 60 I won't mind having this book around. I've been dying to keep reading but I want to save it for vacation, and I've also got too much sewing and work in general to do in order to fully enjoy myself once vacation starts.  Just in case I finish my first read I bought "The Almost Moon". I loved "The Lovely Bones" so I am hoping that this book will be just as good. We're leaving in a little over a week.

 Is it bad that with the exception of underpants I am packed and ready to go?


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  1. Been meaning to comment on this post! This cracked me up that we had the same idea! Books are such fun things to get!

    I'll have to check those books out sometime. Do know that "The Lovely Bones" is a very good read. And my book list just got longer, and longer.... ;-)


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