Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photo A Day: Day 12

Inside Your Closet: 

Whenever anyone comes over I always do two things; clean the toilet, and close the closet door. This photo doesn't make it look too bad. I was tempted to only show you the above photo. Then you would think; wow all her hangers go the same way and her clothes are somewhat color coordinated (I suspect I am color "near sighted"). You'd probably also think; man, she has a lot of cardigans, which I do. But, I decided to show you the closet in all it's glory.

Six beach towels, 4 sets of queen sized sheets, ten or so clutches, three (hangs head in shame) sewing machines. All of the wrapping paper from my bridal shower(s), a box full of wooden spools, another box full of wedding cards, two sewing "necessities" boxes, goggles and swimming cap, because I totally need those. A ziplock bag full of rice. Eight pairs of high heels, two teddy bears Charlie won't let me keep on the bed, and he thinks I threw away, a box full of scrapbooking supplies, and a do it yourself hemming machine. Do you feel like you know me better? I am having heart palpitations and hoping no one calls "Hoarders" on me.


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  1. Your closet looks great! I prefer to clean before guests visit- I didn't get around to my closet today unfortunately.

    I am glad someone else appreciates the "rainbow order" for clothing :)

    I'm working on my collection of cardigans-- they're great for so many outfits!


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