Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photo A Day: Day 22

Where You Work:

I had grand intentions of taking tons of pictures to choose from of where I work. That didn't exactly happen.Too bad I actually had to work! Here's one I took during snack/recess time. It's my desk, in all it's cluttered glory. Even though it's photo (singular) a day (meaning today) here is a picture I took of the speech room last week that makes me laugh.

Maybe we should nick name some of the kids "Hurricane."


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  1. ooo I like your workplace! I'm currently sick of going to school but I have to say... speech pathology is very interesting to me and if I could get a degree for free, I'd do it! :)

    Your comment about the kids made me laugh! It's so true! That's why I play the "Magic scrap" game at the end of the day (if time)-- then I give the "winners" a pencil or some sort of trinket.

    Btw-- cute water bottles :)


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