Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Shower! eek!

Today is Lorelei's birthday. It's too early to call her and ask about the gift though. I am anxious to see if she likes it :)

Also I have started school again, summer school to be exact. I sort of feel like I am being punished. I thought only bad kids had to go to school in the summer. What have I done wrong!!!! Anyways classes go from 8-5 (even more punishment!) So when I get home I must do readings and quizzes and other school related th
ings. In other words I have converted my desk from a sewing station back to it's original purpose of a school desk where I keep my computer and not a sewing machine, bummer. 

On another note I have finished all the squares for my quilt, hurray! However, sewing them together is quite another hurdle. I'll get there, I promise. 

Also I am going to a baby shower tomorrow. Here is a picture of the finished product. I am quite pleased, however I hope I don't have to make another one for a few years. I also bought the baby a book (SLPs learn all about how important reading to your baby/kid is so I must spread the word to all of my pregnant friends).  This particular book has a lot of rhyming, which I have been told is outrageously important for learning to read and write, and is possibly the reason why Dr. Suess was so rich. 

I am going to another baby shower in July so today Charles has agreed to take me to a specialty fabric store to buy supplies for the present I have in mind to make. I'm not sure why he has agreed to take me somewhere like a specialty fabric store on his day off, but I will not complain about it. I think he thinks he did something wrong and I shall not let him think otherwise until we get home. (I hope no one reads my blog for relationship advice). 

Now I must go try to convert inches into yards for the baby project that I have been thinking about in my head. It is such a curse that I have been given the ability to think of ideas for sewing projects in my head and visualize them so well, but have not been graced with the ability to do the simple math it requires to make these projects a reality, thank goodness for boyfriends and calculators. 

Have a Happy Day!


  1. Hello! I was happy to find you had a blog! I had no idea you were such a creative lady. I am very impressed. That elephant is the cutest little critter. I also love that purse you made. Are you giving lessons? I actually have an idea for something I want to make - can't write about it here since spies might be reading this. Let's talk! Take care.

  2. is me again. I realized you might not know who I am since my little blogger portrait doesn't really look like me. I am the mom of Jeff, mom-in-law to Shannon and grammie to baby Olive. Sorry about that.

  3. Hi Deb! Thanks for the complements! I wish I could have seen you at Shan's shower this weekend, but I am sure we will run into each other sometime soon, especially if Jeff and Shannon move!!!!! my e-mail is if you want to chat about a top secret project.


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