Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting Paid to Quilt??! Could Life Be Any Better?

I love babysitting at night. The kids are asleep, you have free rein over the fancy flat screen TV, and you can quilt uninterrupted for 3 hours, all while getting paid. I finished the 3rd of 7 rows of the quilt while watching Sex and the City on the fancy channel. Here is the close up of the stitching I promised. I don't think this picture does it justice. Although hand stitching takes a long time (much longer than machine quilting) I think it is worth it, even if I am the only one who appreciates it.
Here is the back side. I would like to tell you that I had planned for this cool 8 sided star design to be on the back, but it was just a very happy accident. I love it.
Also, yesterday Charlie came home from work with this free hat. The velcro on the back had come unstitched and so someone returned it to the store and the company didn't want it back so Charlie brought it home. I fixed it this morning and ran it under cold water....that kills lice right? (probably not, oh well, I don't feel itchy) I wore it running today, and I felt like a real runner. I think it was the little logo that gave me the extra umph. 
Now I am going to try to read on the balcony, lets see if this can be less of a catastrophe than last week.

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