Monday, June 15, 2009

Plastic Fusion

Yesterday after spending 5+ hours on my final I rewarded myself with a plastic fusion experiment. Now most sane people would not think that melting plastic bags together and omitting potentially harmful chemicals in the air would be a "reward". But I am not "most people" and also not very "sane". Any-how I had a blast creating my own plastic fabric. If you would like to try I used this video tutorial and this regular tutorial. My one suggestion is to use an iron you don't like...I rephrase that, use an old iron as long as you have a new/ better one (who really likes irons/ ironing?) I can't show anymore picture of my creations because I am planning to give away my plastic creation to one of my blog readers. (So all 9 of you can hang in suspense until I finish it and send it to one of you). 

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am pretty sure this fusion didn't omit harmful toxins into the air of my apartment, so I still have all my brain cells, and no ozone was damaged in this experiment. I love the environment
Now to avoid doing school work and work on my quilt!
Hasta Luego! 


  1. I am more than a little curious. Plastic fusion? What the heck- I guess I am older than I realized. You iron the plastic bags together? And then...?? I can't wait to see. I love your creativity.

  2. Sorry Deb, I guess I didn't really specify what I was doing. You iron 5-8 plastic bags together and it makes a tough fabric. I am using the plastic fabric to make a tote bag for a friend. I'll post pictures when it is done so you can see! I just found your blog and I love the pictures and insight on grammie-hood!


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