Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Updates on Life

Hello everyone!
My long weekend was quite eventful, and long. I decided not to check my e-mail for 4 days and came home to 47 new e-mails. I think some people were kind of mad at me, but oh well. Everyone needs so time off every now and then.

Some updates on life:
1. I did get the note back. I used some duct tape wrapped sticky side out around a broom handle. The mission was accomplished at 5:42 am, when I woke up to go running and before the obnoxious neighbors were awake.
2. I painted a picture. I gave it to my mom. She said she'll hang it in her office. Here it is:

3. I went to Orono and saw my old school buddies. One friend is pregnant, the other is her husband. They have a house, two new cars and good jobs. They make me feel very unsuccessful. But I am happy that they are happy, and their baby will be extra cute.
4. My other friends decided to get engaged and wait 5 months to tell me. Hum.....Congrats to you two forgetful people. 
5. I have decided to stop watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I think they are dumb, and I don't agree with them using their lives and, sadly, their children's lives to make money. This goes along the same lines of me not reading magazines about the Octo-mom. People can be so outrageous in their attempts to make a buck. I am thinking about canceling the cable to keep me from breaking my promise. 
6.  The biggest update of all my Mom and Grammy and I went to a quilt shop in Madison Maine. It was lovely. I wish to own a quilt shop someday. The women who worked there were very nice to me. One particularly nice woman asked me if I needed any help, then she was roped into guiding me around the store for 20 minutes asking ''How about this one?" and hearing me give some excuse like: "I hate Batik" or "Um No" or "That color makes me want to barf". Finally we found the right combinations, much to my mothers delight (Grammy had retired to the car to read the Rolling Thunder, and avoid being bothered by my picky-ness.) Upon returning to the house I quickly laundered the fabric and stated working. After 6 hours I had the quilt all put together and I have one whole row hand-stitched together= Great satisfaction. This picture isn't the greatest, but you get the idea. I love the back fabric, it's a very pretty dark pinkish/purple. The hand-stitching looks very pretty, and very hand-stitchy, if you get my drift (I'll post more pictures later of the stitching). 
7. My last life update is that I have been assigned clients for clinic!!!! This starts next Monday. HIPPA prevents me from divulging confidential information on my blog about these said clients but I am excited about starting nonetheless. 

Let's hope the sun comes out sometime soon, I am beginning to go a little crazy.

P.S .the fused plastic giveaway is still on so become a follower of my blog and you could have a chance of winning it when I am done!


  1. I wasn't upset. I just didn't want us to decided anything w/o u

  2. You are one of the cutest people I know!

  3. thanks sarah! i like you too!


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