Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My apartment is too Small!

Well Yesterday after the balcony incident I hid inside and finished putting the border around my quilt. I think it looks great. Now I have to figure out how many yards I need for the back, and also spend 45 minutes figuring out which fabric to buy to do the back...My mum hates this! I am going to Maine to see her this weekend, maybe she will take me, but maybe not now that I have said it will take me  a long time to choose.I also have to do the backing while I am in Maine because my quilt has outgrown my apartment, see below:
Not enough room to move around. And also no hard flooring to tape the 3 layers down to work on. I hope Mum and Rich are getting excited for me to take up a huge area of space working on my quilt this weekend. :) 
This picture also makes me realize how dirty our apartment is. Good thing Charlie has the day off from work and has been begged to clean, we'll see if he does.
Have a sunny Day!


  1. Beautiful quilt! Every time I read your blog I start thinking of my two handmade quilts that my dog ruined when she decided to build a little "nest" into each of them (aka-tore them to shreds) and now I have no idea how to fix. Next time I'm cleaning out, I'm going to set aside all my old fabrics and send them off to you. Not that they're usable. But I cannot part with even a two inch square of fabric because I'm so certain that someday, I will use it for something!

  2. Adam hooked me up with your blog. I am just taking a glance today and look forward to reading it carefully. I love the blocks your grandmother made and yours with the embroidered pictures on the back. You think your floor is too small wait til you make you first queen size quilt! I made 6 quilts the year my youngest went to college and three last year when she moved to NYC. Somehow the humm of the machine takes my worries away. Adam's mom, Molly


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