Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Things I Love: September

It's no secret that September is not my favorite month. It's potentially my least favorite. School has started again, my fun summer days are over. In order to cure my blues about the Fall coming, here are some things I am really digging these days.

Orange Is The New Black- It's a Netflix series about a woman who goes to prison for smuggling drug money. It's funny, interesting, and certainly keeps me from even thinking about committing any crimes. (We all know I don't do well with communal bathrooms.) Also, who doesn't love Laura Prepon? (Beware, this is not a kid friendly show).

Project Runway Season 12- I've been gushing about this on facebook but there is a Deaf contestant named Justin on the show. I love him, he's pretty much the best thing ever. The rest of the designers are okay too I guess, except Ken, he's a foo and I always hope he gets kicked off.

Forever Kai- My friend just started an Etsy shop and is selling reusable tote bags. They are so cute I want one with every animal I love on it.

Apple Cider- need I say more? Apple butter is also a weakness of mine that I don't indulge until September to ease the sting of fall.

Pumpkin muffins- I'm drooling already. My friend gave me the best recipe for pumpkin muffins and maybe if you're lucky I will ask her if I can share it with you.

The leaves falling off of the trees- then we'll have a better view of the mountains. It also makes for pretty pictures.

Christmas- it's only three-ish months away. Get excited.


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  1. Seeee September isn't THAT bad!! K and I started watching orange black while she was staying here . . . and M and I just finished it because I became OBSESSED and could not stop watching . .. isn't it SOO good?!!


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