Wednesday, September 25, 2013

House Stuff: Rearranging

It took me four months but I finally convinced Charlie to switch our bedroom around. We had out bed under the skylight. I am not opposed to that per say, when I had my glasses on at night I could see the stars, but without glasses I saw nothing. It also wasn't bad this summer because it wasn't cold. When we lived in Newmarket our bed was also under the skylight and in the winter I had to wear a hat to bed sometimes because it was so cold. Anyways, I finally made Charlie put his head in my hands to show him what view he would have from bed if we moved our bed, and after seeing the mountains in the distance he agreed. I have no idea how he did not notice that you could see the mountains for the last 4 months, and I also have no idea how he did not hear me talk about moving our bed for 4 months, but oh well. It's finally done! Now I just need to find some artwork to make the wall less boring. 

Here is our view! The only downside is you have to sleep in to get the view; and I never get to sleep in. Sleeping in to me is staying in bed past 6am, oh the joys of having dogs.

 I also convinced Charlie to let me put my dresser where his was. Now I have a whole little nook to myself. I tested out the quilt rack with several ratty blankets and towels and Blaze has no interest in them so they are safe. In case you were worried.

I love it!
And here is my "reading area" with my Federal Stand that I won  bought at an auction, and an orchid I bought 4 weeks ago and have yet to kill, go me! 

I tell Charlie all the time now how much I love our bedroom. Any ideas on artwork for a bedroom?


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