Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Survey Says!

Be sure to say the blog title in a Louie Anderson voice. Results are in, and you all think that running a trail marathon is crazier than coaching middle school cross country.

 We are two weeks into the season and two months into training and I am doubting my sanity in all walks of life. I am pooped from my long run this week. I need to find a better system for carrying water when I run because I thought I was going to die of thirst on my run today. My fuel belt broke last year and I haven't replaced it. I have a camel pack but it chafes my arms and makes me want to pitch it into the woods by mile 8. So far I have only yelled "this is cross country running not cross country walking" 100 times at practice. I can't understand why kids sign up for this sport if they don't like to run. They also ask me at the beginning of every practice "how far are we running today?" and I never tell them, because they would complain for 30 minutes about it. Plus no matter how far I tell them they are running they still set out like a stampede of wildebeest then crawl to the end because they went out too fast. Oh how I love 12 year olds. (Don't watch that whole video, unless you want to ruin your whole day! You've been warned).

Also, someone is continuing to mess with me. That or there really are two people named Nevan who read this blog, but I highly doubt that. My dad swears he only answered once. 

Maybe someday soon I will get around to sewing something. Until then I hope you enjoy these rambling posts.



  1. I have a FuelBelt, which I despise (it's a normal Fuel Belt, it just bruises my hip bones for some reason when I use it). You want it?

    Also I was thinking of replacing it with the Camelback Charm, please tell me this isn't the Camelback that chafes you.

    I hate all water carrying devises, except maybe personal sherpas.

  2. Please keep posting about running. I like to hear about your coaching and I need motivation to get off my own ass. In case you have forgotten I am still planning on runnign the trail marathon with you, at least partially.


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