Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Wreath

In an attempt to like fall more I've decided to try to decorate for fall. Step one was to buy a wreath. All the wreaths at the store were $25-$30 and hideous. I say hideous but really they just didn't have any purple in them and were only yellow, orange and red. Some also had gourds glued to them which I though was dumb. Instead of buying an expensive ugly wreath I decided to make one. With only $17 worth of supplies!  The wreath is made from a wreath form, a 10 yard pack of 5 inch wide burlap, fake sunflowers and fake purple flowers and some little fake berry-ish beads. I wove the burlap through the wreath form, then hot glued the flowers, beads and greens where I thought it looked nice. I think it looks fabulous with our freshly painted front door and new door knobs.

We also put up new lights. It only took us 3 hours, but neither of us got electrocuted! I love the front of the house now. Next spring we're hoping to replace the front steps and put some plants in the front. 

Back soon with some sewing I promise. 


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