Friday, September 20, 2013

Life Lesson, from Lauren, at 11PM

Today we bought a wheel barrow at Home Depot. The salesman untied it from all the others and brought it to me inside to pay for. It had a scratch on it, so to be funny I said "It has a scratch, can I get a discount?" Thinking - this will be hilarious, we're going to use this wheel barrow to haul rocks and dirt around and it will be all scratched up by 10am tomorrow. The man said "Sure, how's a $5 discount sound?" He didn't even crack a smile. I would have been ticked that he didn't laugh at my joke if he didn't give me the discount. Moral of the story is, always ask for a discount on faulty goods, even if it's just as a joke.

Once I bought a donut at a grocery store and ate half of it before checking out, then I asked the cashier for a discount because someone had eaten half of my donut. She seriously contemplated my request but then the friend I was with laughed too much for her to honor my request. Moral of that story is, never take a friend who thinks you are funny to the store with you. And, to bid you goodnight, a picture of Blaze and me. Don't judge us, we've had a rough week.


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