Monday, January 24, 2011

::Right Now::

right now, I am ...

:: wanting a fireplace or wood stove to warm my fingertips and toes. My bones even feel cold.

:: loving that the days are getting longer, even if only by a few seconds each day. Leaving work late is much easier to manage when there are still specks of sunlight on the horizon.

:: wondering if I should make a twin or queen sized quilt out of the extra Anna Maria Horner fabric I just had to buy. 

:: feeling sad that my friends have left, but happy to have spent time with them.

:: enjoying season 2 of the Office on Netfix. I can't believe I never watched it when we had a TV. 

:: admiring my new (old) wall hanging.  

:: smiling at the birthday card display in the kitchen. I am lucky to have so many nice friends and family members.

::anxious about buying a new car, which has been bumped up on my to do list, in order for my other "to do's" to get done. 

:: taking a break from the purple dress so as not to get aggravated and tear it to shreds. 

:: rejoicing at all of the wedding planning that has been getting done lately. 

:: reminiscing about my first marathon after receiving my "finishers certificate" in the mail today. 

:: planning a week of productivity, snow days or not. 

:: wishing everyone I love would stay the way I would like to remember them.

Happy Monday!

Idea and inspiration from SouleMama.


  1. WHY do you do this to me?! You know the emotional wreck that I've become (or have always been)! Miss you already and clearly we have to set another date soon because I have your book (and I will hold it hostage until I see you again).

  2. Love the new quilt blocks in the first picture. Im drawing out different ideas for your guestbook/quilt, we really need to get together and buy fabric for it!!!


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