Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seascape Wedding Present

Remember long long ago when I dyed fabric for a project? Yeah, I kind of forgot about it too. Well, back in March I dyed the fabric, and in April I made this for Charlie's birthday, and I also turned a lot of the dyed fabric into this:
A seascape. The idea came from an example of another "Accidental Landscape" I saw in a quilt store.  Here's a close up, please excuse the pins.

I knew right when I saw the example that it would be perfect for my friends Keith and Sam as a wedding present. They were getting married in June and I thought I would 100 percent be able to get it done...... but, not so much. I can't remember all of the excuses I made; mostly I think it was lack of time and not being able to find the exactly right elements. Anyways, to make a long story short, 7 months after the wedding the seascape is officially done and has been given to the happy couple.
 The colors look a little bit different here because it is framed. For finishing touches I used scraps of lace as the waves, green variegated thread for the sea grass, and little beads and bits of sea glass to look like shells. Throughout the scape I used different colors of silver and gold thread to add texture and shine, kind of like sand. Here's a close up of the fence where I added my initials and the year.
 I think my most favorite part is either the lace waves or the starfish made of beads, or the fact that Keith and Sammy like it. 

Lastly, here is a picture of the framed and finished product.

 In writing this I just realized how many of my friends are getting married this year, guess I should get crackin' on those gifts so they'll be done by 2012.



  1. As usual, I love this, L! MY favorite detail is def. the lace waves

  2. The waves are very cool. I didn't notice them until I had looked at it for a while but they're a really nice touch. The little details like the beads really make it special. I like the fence and grass and starfish. I can't believe the eye you have for layering all the pieces together to make a complete scene.


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