Thursday, January 13, 2011

Laptop Case

Lots of good things have been happening lately. The first is that I got a brand spankin' new laptop for work. Yahoo. The second good thing is that yesterday I had a snow day. Double yahoo! Put these two things together and what have you got?

A new laptop case!

I used this tutorial which I found on a website of 19 laptop case tutorials. The tutorial was only confusing at one point, and it could have been because it was 10 o' clock at night. It's made from all scraps and things I had on hand, because who wants to drive 35 minutes to a Joann Fabrics in a blizzard? Luckily, I buy zippers of all colors and lengths so I had a long enough one for this project. It's also lucky I have been practicing with zippers for the past 15 months and actually managed to make a (nearly) mistake free zipper, curves and all.

The laptop fits perfectly inside (because I fixed it three times.) Now, if only the laptop would stop breaking/freezing/deleting my files/ needing to be sent back to the Tech guy at school a.k.a my new bestfriend Dennis, I would have the laptop to put inside the case, and more importantly, to use. Hopefully the third visit to Dennis will do the trick and this laptop will work by tomorrow, and be the talk of the school in it's super cute handmade case.


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