Thursday, December 24, 2009

Working in the Cellar

I'm at home in Hancock which means I can sit by a warm fireplace, read all I want, bake cookies, surf the internet with my brother finding hilarious websites, and also hang out in the cellar with all the tools.

I like making things, in case you hadn't noticed. I was trying to make 2 things for the holidays with Dad and Garrett's help and then there was this piece of wood just sitting in front of me and all of a sudden it told me that it wanted to be a candle holder and I needed to drop everything and make it into one. And I did.

Here it is. It was quite simple indeed, I cut the two ends with a saw (surprise surprise Garrett and Daddy let me use the saw....with their supervision). And then I drilled holes in it with the drill press, my favorite piece of machinery of all time. And then I was done.

Now I just have to move to an apartment/house that allows candles so I can use it.

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