Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lots to Say

Well I have been buzzing around like crazy lately and now at a time when I thought I would be doing more crazy buzzing I have some free time so I will catch everyone up on the details of life, since I know all 5 of you care a lot. Here goes:
1. Thanksgiving in Maine was great. It was fun spending time with all of my family. A bunch of us ran a 5 k on thanksgiving morning. Garrett ran with me for the first 2.5 miles then he left me in the dust. There were 6 runners in all and we had a cheering squad of 5 people, Macy cheered the loudest:

Here are all the finishers and supporters:

Garrett and I jumped in the lake after the race, but I have no pictures on my camera of the incident so I'll have to get pictures from my Mum to prove it!
2. My first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian was quite easy, much to my surprise.
3. Charlie and I have begun adventing. (I made that word up). It has been enjoyable thus far. Also I have been waiting to tell until it was safe; I made Lorelei an advent calendar as well....I know, I'm crazy. I send it to her in Iraq with specific instructions to not open it until the 1st, but she did, oh well. I am just glad she likes it! Here it is:

4. I sent my ornaments for the ornament exchange and then yesterday I got some from my swap partner! I am so excited she sent three tiny little scenes. I love them and they look super cute on our tiny fake tree. She also sent me a bar of soap from her company, it smells like candy canes, but should not be licked even if you really want to (yuck).

5. School is almost over, and I could not be more thrilled. (Although my joy has been pushing my desire to do school work onto the back burner).
6. And the biggest news of all is that in about 45 minutes Charlie and I are leaving to go to Las Vegas. We are running a half marathon with Charlie's whole family. I am very excited. I have been preparing for this half marathon since July (my initial thoughts about the matter are quite hilarious to look back on). I have actually enjoyed training for this race. Before July I had never run over 5 miles, and now I have run over 10 miles more times than I can count. Training forced me to take time to myself, and running 12 miles takes a lot of time. I have never liked listening to music when I run so I really am all by myself on these long runs with just my thoughts, and it has been very good for me to have those times during the week when I am free to think about whatever I want. I have also really enjoyed seeing the seasons change from back roads and trails. Charlie always talks about how much he loves running on trials and now I can say I understand his affections. It's also a good way to get to know a small town, the other day I saw about 6 families setting up Christmas decorations, it made me happy.
Alright we are off, wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck Lauren! Have fun and kick butt! Also I knew you would get your ornaments! yay they are so cute. I feel bad I only sent one out :( oh well. I hope she loves it. And i hope your signing up for tons of giveaways over at sew mama sew because I know I am

    Good Luck!

  2. Hey Lauren,
    Have a fantastic time!!!!

  3. Good luck to you and Chuck. You come from a family of runners, it is in your blood. Bet a dollar on a slot machine for me, just don't blow your rent money!


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