Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things to do after Christmas:

  1. Make a doll quilt. I don't have any dolls and I don't know who I want to make it for, I just want to.
  2. Make the Sorbet quilt that has been sitting cut into squares in a corner for 5 months now.
  3. Finish knitting scarf that was started in August.
  4. Work on cross stitch that was started in August (2008.. {notice I said work on, not "finish". At least I am being realistic.})
  5. Read a book for fun, and finish it before it is due back at the library.
  6. Organize sewing area and sewing supplies storage area (which happens to be the space under the end table.)
  7. Make an apron from the "A is for Apron" book. There is one called the "Lorelei" and it is calling my name.... I wonder why?
  8. Relax. Which is something I have been wanting to do for a while now and whenever I decide to take a few minutes to myself I remember all the things I have to do and start getting heart palpitations.
And now to finish this random post here are some pictures from our trip to Las Vegas:
Polar Bears on display in the Belagio, made completely out of flowers.

Charlie and I with a snowman made out of flowers and seeds and beans.

Now I am off to Charlie's work Christmas Party. Oh what to wear!!!

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  1. I should make a list like that for myself too! Like start that quilt thats been waiting to be started since august! i jsut noticed there are onl 12 days till chirstmans and i still have a ton to do! ahhhh!


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