Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Hike

Yesterday Charlie and I went for a winter hike. We'd both heard about a cabin on top of a mountain near our house and decided yesterday was as good a time as any to try to find it. After some bushwacking and use of a compass we made it to the top. Here is the view. That's Cardigan Mountain in the distance. 

There hasn't been much snow but the trail we walked on had quite a bit of ice covered by snow, which made for some slippery moments, and also some fun track spotting. 

We actually saw the animal that left these prints sliding/walking across the snow and then it took a dip in a stream, thus eluding my picture snapping.  We've decided there must have been two of them because there are two sets but we only saw one. Charlie used his tracks book to figure out it was a mink.

On the way back down we say these tracks. Come to find out they were made by a squirel, not too exciting but fun none the less.

At the top there was a one room cabin with pots, pan, a cook stove, an air mattress, lots of toilet paper, water, band aids and most importantly, playing cards. The owner was nice enough to open the cabin to others. There is a "guest book" inside that was really fun to look through and see when and why people had come to visit the cabin, that's what Charlie is looking through in this photo. We even found the name of someone we know! After spending a few minutes pondering how someone would carry two glass doors, windows, and all the wood to build this tiny cabin Charlie informed me that the materials were brought in on a helicopter. Crazy huh?

Charlie loves winter hiking (when there is snow) and I think he is crazy, so I figured I would post pictures of what is most likely bound to be my first and last winter hike.


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