Wednesday, January 18, 2012

26 Things

It's my birthday. Hurray. Like I said, 26; yikes! A student said I was 100 today when I told her to guess my age, so I suppose things could be worse. Here are my 26 things to do this year.
  1. Get a dog. I really want one and I think my constant talk has convinced Charlie too.
  2. Buy a house. 
  3. Move into house without hurting myself or being a mega jerk to others. 
  4. Stay physically active.
  5. Think more about things before I impulsively buy them.
  6. Go on a honeymoon. 
  7. Take pictures.
  8. Throw things away. Why must I save every card anyone has sent me? P.S. Thanks for the birthday cards peps!
  9. Finish things before starting other things.
  10. Think before jumping to assumptions, especially in regards to the students I work with. 
  11. Stand up for myself. I told one of the teachers I work with that my motto at the beginning of the year would be "I don't take shit from anyone." I need to start following that motto. If only I could post it on the wall at school....
  12. Keep working on keeping new and old friends. 
  13. Send more letters to people. 
  14. Learn more about my family history.
  15. Eat more vegetables.
  16. Read more books.
  17. Try to stop swearing like a trucker Friday night - Sunday night.
  18. Finish that gosh darn cross stitch for my Mom that I started in 2008!
  19. Make a quilt and give it away. Who will be the lucky winner?
  20. Worry less.
  21. Be more creative. In other words, spend less time online thinking about being creative and actually do something creative. 
  22. Hike somewhere and spend the night, and not flip out about peeing in the woods or being dirty.
  23. Stop and smell the roses every now and again.
  24. Ask Charlie for things instead of assuming he can read my mind.
  25. Spend time with my family and friends.
  26. Continue appreciating what I have and feeling lucky, because I am. 
Cheers to 26!

fruity concoction I'm sipping while researching vacations to tropical paradises and laughing
 because my birthday presents are wrapped in X-mas paper. 


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  1. I just found your blog via my cousin's blog. This list is awesome--mainly cause I can appreciate several of your goals on it. ;) I especially like #17! Hope 26 is a good year for you---looks like you accomplished many great goals from year 25 :)


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