Friday, January 13, 2012

2011; in 16 Photographs

The past few years I've done a "year in pictures" review. I'm only 13 days late this year! I am just going to warn you in advance; 2011 was the year of the weddings. We went to four and had one of our own. Prepare yourself!

1. Bachelorette party at Water Country! 2. Bridal Shower with my Mum and Grammy. 3. Engagement photos at Profile Falls 4. Bridal Shower with Cait and Lorelei.

5- 8 Wedding shots by Hartery Photography.  


9. Kiki and Patrick's wedding, Bar Harbor Maine. 10. Dan and Bethanie's wedding, Waterville Maine. 11. Jay and Meera's wedding, Ringwood New Jersey. 12. Jaclyn and Mike's wedding, Sterling Massachusetts  

13. Braid Gang at Taylor Swift 14. Me and Charlie on the first day of school. 15. Me and Lorelei at Christmas and 16. Out takes from our Christmas Card Photo. 

2011 sure was busy. Can't wait to see what 2012 holds.


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