Monday, January 16, 2012

25 Things

On my birthday for the last few years I've posted my goals of the year. Today I decided to check back on my progress and begin thinking about my 26 (yikes!) goals for this year. Here's last years goals.

  1. Get married. Done
  2. Buy a new (to me) car.Yep
  3. Go somewhere I've never been. Did that lots.
  4. Keep running (I don't really have a distance goal this year, and I never really set time goals for myself, I just want to keep running even if it means running after a long day at work with a reflective vest and a headlamp.) Meh....sort of yes and sort of no.
  5. Host a party. Does a ski trip count? I kind of forgot about this one. 
  6. Get better at my job/ keep learning. Depends on the day you ask.
  7. Call my friends more often. Oh shucks. I try.
  8. Visit my family. Yes. It's a good thing Charlie likes my family and I like his because we visit a lot. 
  9. Keep saving money for a house. Yes but it's slow going.
  10. Start more traditions with Charlie.I think so, he probably doesn't remember them though. 
  11. Be more comfortable doing things alone (eating out, going to the movies...yikes I break out in hives just thinking about it.) I went to one movie by myself, and ate alone at Panera twice, and I lived to tell about it!
  12. Visit at least 2 waterfalls I haven't been to yet. We went to lots of waterfalls. 
  13. Go on a road trip. Road trips to weddings?
  14. Make new friends. Yes! Hi Liz! Hi Nick!
  15. Be nice and appreciative. I try. 
  16. Research sewing machines and buy a new one (one that can make button holes). I did buy a new one. It was rather spur of the moment and I should have done more research but I do really like my Berninna. It can make button holes but I have yet to use that feature.
  17. Go on lots of mini adventures. There are a lot of things to explore in our area which has been fun.
  18. Hike mount Katahdin(and not complain once while doing it). Ooops. Hiked Kineo instead.
  19. Grow my hair long then cut it off. Yes! It nearly drove me crazy growing it long for the wedding, but now I am thinking about having long hair again. 
  20. Practice my (forgotten) sign language skills. Oh no. I remember and use about 3 signs. Does watching "Switched at Birth" count?
  21. Sew clothes, with and without patterns. Kind of. I made a skirt recently, post coming soon. (Once I iron it.)
  22. Cook more. Meh. Why did I write that? I've been more active in looking for ideas or what to cook but not so much in cooking them. Cleaning up is my forte. 
  23. Try my best to not talk negatively about people. Oh dear, I stink at that. 
  24. Spend quality time with people I like. Yes. I think it's easy when you like the people you work with and live with your best friend. 
  25. Be happy with my life. It's a pretty good one. Besides the impending doom of turning 26 I think I am doing an okay job at this. 

Off to think of 26 things to do this year. But lastly, here is a picture I really like.  



      1. I love seeing other peoples goals, thanks for sharing!

        ...and I have to say, 26 has been pretty darn good for me so far, I wouldn't worry too much...I'm turning 27 in about impending doom...:)

      2. hi! :) I have a feeling I totally bombed my goals for this past year, but I have two more months to work on them!


      Thanks for stopping by, I love reading what you have to say :)

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