Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nerdy Chemistry Artwork

For Christmas I like to make Charlie something artsy and since he won't let me sew for him, or knit for him, and he thinks scrapbooks are annoying, that leaves me with painting pictures for him. The last few years I've painted pictures, one was a Robert Frost poem on a winter backdrop, last year I made him a painting of a song quote I thought he liked but he said he forgot. Now that painting is in our bedroom and he says the reason he likes it is not because of the quote but because the house I painted looks like it's smiling. Geesh! This Christmas I decided not to paint him anything but to do some editing on Picnik (a photo editing website). I followed this tutorial, which was very helpful, and I think the results turned out quite nicely. 

Charlie recently decided to get a double masters degree (I've always suspected he just wants to be better than me...but that's another story), in Chemistry. I found this idea, where else, on Pintrest. It's elements made to spell out "I love you". I just think it's funny that Uranium is used for good in my art not for nuclear weapons. Here is a close up of the one I printed out for Charlie.

If you like it you can download it to print HERE


You can download this one without the "We've got Chemistry" HERE

Lastly,  I made this and printed a 3x5 size of it in a small magnet frame for Charlie to use in his office/classroom someday. You can get that one HERE.



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