Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Hike

Today was such a nice day we went on a hike/walk around Adam's Point. The first thing I saw, well, heard was a snake. I managed to get this picture because the snake moved out of our path and then froze. 
After the snake incident I let Charlie lead the rest of the way. 
Here's one of the many views of Great Bay. It was very low tide when we were there. There is a boat launch here too( hint hint***Daddy.....you can bring Jenny anytime, I would love to explore the bay by boat). 
This post doesn't have anything to do with crafts but I wanted to share the pictures.
I finished my dress last night, so it is ready to wear to Garrett's graduation on Friday. 
I'm off to go running in the nice weather and then maybe read on the porch if the music isn't too loud from next door!
Enjoy the day!

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