Thursday, May 21, 2009

Handmade Belt

Here are two pictures of a ribbon belt I made last night. I made two, one for me (the lopsided one) and one for Lorelei (the 2nd try and therefore better one seen below). 
My one mistake was putting the flower too much in the middle of the dark pink ribbon, so the belts might have to be worn kind of funny, when my original intention was for the flower to be worn on the side ....this made sense in my head but is hard to explain. Anyways I think they are pretty. Maybe I will experiment with more ribbon colors, or maybe I will save my money.....
I spent the last few days in Maine cleaning my mom's house (getting paid the big bucks). On my way home to NH I stopped at my new favorite fabric store, Mardens! I bought 4 new fabrics for less than $10. The first two, yellow and redish ones are for an apron. Lorelei made me one for my birthday and I wear it quite often, especially considering my hatred for cooking.  So I want to make one just to wear around, plus I was reading this week that aprons are making a comeback, I hope to lead the revolution in the Seacoast area. The third one I think I will use to make a lunch sack. Once I get around to fusing plastic like I have been talking about for the last 3 weeks I think I will line the inside with fused plastic, which will mean I can wash the inside with a sponge. And the last fabric is for me to make a purse for Lorelei, her birthday is coming soon and I want to make another purse like my Hobo bag, but do a better job. I hope I learn from my mistakes and make this purse GREAT! Now that I know I can sew in a zipper I might even put a zipper on the inside.We shall see..... 
 Lastly, here is a picture of the finished dress. I don't think this picture really does it justice, and I also don't think my hair is really that brown, but I could very well be delusional. 

Off to sew some more squares for my quilt, 22 done, 13 more to go. 
Enjoy the heat!

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