Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Projects

Here are some projects I have either been working on or finished and wanted to show. This is a purse I made. I got the fabric at Marden's, my new favorite fabric store. The fabric is very cheap, a yard of this brown cost $2. I also like Marden's because if you ask for a yard they give you 1 1/4 yard. I am not sure why, but I don't complain. I got this pattern online at this awesome website. But, as usual, I modified it because I thought it was too big, so I made it smaller. I liked this site because I was able to print the pattern for free :) 

This is a cross stitch I am making for my mom. I bought it about a year ago to make for her. Whenever I tell her about other projects I have made she says "How about my cross stitch?" and makes me feel guilty. So I have been making an effort to work on it lately. It also works out because Charlie is a netfix member so he get movies and watches them, and they are boring or not funny, so I can pretend to pay attention, but actually cross stitch to my hearts content. It is going to be 3 mason jars filled with flowers. I have one jar (almost) done. 

This is a stuffed elephant I just finished. It is for my friend Shannon, who is having a baby girl in July. I really like it. Elephants are my favorite animal, and purple is my favorite color, so it might be hard for me to give this as a present, but I will. I have made 4 of these stuffed animals, 2 elephants, a bear, and a rabbit, all for baby gifts. I am going to take a break from making these though. Because Lorelei has informed me for the last 5 years that she is going to have 5 kids and NEEDS me to make one of these for each child. So I am taking a break until Lorelei starts having babies, which hopefully is not too soon. I also want to make something for my other friends who are having a baby boy in August. Boys are tricker, I'll have to think about it. 

And here is a card that I made for Charlie for Valentine's Day that I wanted to show off. It is a pop up card. I made it out of newspaper pages. The "I love you" looks kind of like a ransom note. I wanted to make it "boyish". 
Here's the outside. 

It is a rainy day and I don't have class until 5 so I am off to make a mother's day card.
Have a good day! 

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