Friday, May 29, 2009

I made a Headband

The other day I found this tutorial online for a 10 minute head band. I don't think it even took me 10 
minutes. But that might be due to the fact that I made it out of the first piece of fabric my hand touched, 
or the fact that I didn't read the directions, just the lengths and widths of the fabric.
Anyways, I think it turned out extra awesome and I have been wearing it everyday since it was finished. The best part is that it
has a hair elastic in the back, so you don't even need to buy/use elastic. And probably anyone who needs a headband has a hair
elastic at their disposal. It's wicked easy and wicked cool. I even wore it to Yoga class yesterday.
Oh also I finished the purse for Lorelei. It's also wicked awesome if I may say so myself. Some modification I made are 
that I did in fact add a zipper to the inside. I also added one of my "Made by Lauren" tags that I 
slaved away on yesterday. And lastly I used a lot more interfacing, and in some places I used left over strips of quilt fabric
(no this does not mean I am done with the quilt!)
I think this picture has a lot of awesome-ness in it. A zipper, a reinforced magnetic clip, and a "Made by Lauren" tag!?!?!?! 
I hope Lorelei likes it! Charlie was even impressed by my work and that takes a lot.
Okay, enough tooting my own horn. Back to working on the quilt and anxiously awaiting the daywhen I will see sunshine again.
Have a great night!


  1. i don't know why there are spaces like that, but it's going to stay that way, since i don't know how to fix it. :)

  2. I made these headbands today and they were simple and fun. They will make great gifts, or somethng fun to make and sell at a craft fair!

    Also, i am planing on trying my hardest to make one of those purses, I'm a little nervouse but hopefully it will turn out great and not cause too much frustration


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