Sunday, May 3, 2009

So I Started a Blog...

I have recently been spending a lot of time looking at crafting websites and blogs by crafty people. And I have been very inspired by them. So I thought to myself, I am crafty too, why not make a blog and potentially inspire people; or perhaps just show my work to family and friends; or lastly, write a blog that only I read. Which ever happens I won't mind. 

My most recent works include birthday cards for my good friends Allie and Cait. I was fortunate enough to deliver Allie's card in person, but Cait's had to be mailed far, far away, to Washington (I miss you Cait). The one on the left is Allie's, she's girly. And the one on the right is Cait's, she's less girly and likes nature stuff. I hope they liked them. 

I also forced myself to finish the scrapbook I made of Charlie and I's cross country adventure. My favorite page is the one of Sedona Arizona. I figured out how to cut images out of a picture and make them raised, sort of like in a shadow box, but in a scrapbook. You can't really tell, but Charlie, and the Cactus are raised. 

As a reward for finishing the scrapbook I have allowed myself to start making another quilt. This one is for me, and thus is has my favorite colors' purple, blue, and green. I have almost half of the squares done. I am hoping to finish the squares and have it together before I begin doing clinic in July. That way all I will have left to do is hand stitch; which is time consuming but can be done in free time and does not require a sewing machine on my desk, where I should keep my computer and do school work. I should also mention that Lorelei inspired me to start another quilt. For some reason I feel the need to try to keep up with her, as far as quilt making goes. The quilt I am making is only a lap quilt, not a twin sized quilt like the last one. Here is a picture of on of my favorite squares so far. 

Lastly, I have almost finished a dress. Mum bought me the fabric on Redtag sale, and the pattern was 99 cents! It is eyelet, and I love, love, love eyelet as some people know. I am proud of myself because I actually used a pattern, which I hate doing. I did however, modify the pattern and in doing so used my new seam ripper a great deal due to all of the mistakes I made. I just need someone to fit it to me so I can begin the process of sewing in the zipper....eek! I hope it is done in time to wear to Garrett, my brothers, college graduation. (at this point I will add a small blurb about how proud I am of Garrett for graduating! Yeah Garrett I'm so proud!!!!) 

I think in closing I should explain the name I picked for my blog. This is a quote from one of the blogs I was reading: "Homesewn is not a dirty word. This blog is for all of you with coffee tables that double as cutting tables, sewing machines that are held together with electrical tape, and an irrepressible desire to be creative in your own, unique space and on your own terms."  I think that this quote describes me and my love of sewing and being crafty. It also describes one of my most prized possessions; my 1920's Singer sewing machine that was given to me by my great grandmother. It was the sewing machine she used in her dress shop in the Five and Dime store she and my great grandfather owned. She used it to fit dresses for her customers. The pedals and plugs have been fixed using electrical tape by my great grandfather; and as some people know he wasn't exactly the best electrician. So that is why I named my blog as I did. I hope people read it and are inspired. I will post more pictures of things I make, as I make them. 


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